Typically, homeowners decide they want a tree removed to improve a view or because it's threatening their home or property. Whether the tree is located in an open space far from your home or is squeezed into a seemingly inaccessible space, Tri-State’s experienced workers will sit down with you and discuss the safest and most efficient way to solve the problem. Before any work is done, you will be provided with job specifications, a detailed description of services, and a price.

Even under the best of conditions, tree removal is hazardous and should not be attempted by an amateur. With over thirty-five years of experience and extensive personnel training, we know our business. With Tri-State Tree Service on the job you can be assured of a safe, coordinated execution that will bring your tree down without damage to your home or other structure. Our cleanup crew ensures that your property and service area will be neat throughout the entire job and completely cleared upon completion. Tri-State Tree Service can haul everything away or leave the wood for you to split.

Brush Chipping

During tree care and tree removal operations, we use our chippers to grind the small limbs, rake it and haul it away. We also pick up chips and other yard debris already in your yard. On the other hand, our day to day work creates wood chips which are available to our customers at no cost.

Evaluating a Tree Removal Company

When choosing a tree removal service, ask about specific qualifications. These are the points that will best ensure you are hiring a well-established and respected company.

  • Licensed by the state and insured against injury and damage
  • Conducting business for a significant period of time
  • References and referrals from previous clients
  • Climbers with a minimum of ten years on-the-job experience with large tree removal
  • Climbers with experienced working with machine operators
  • The right equipment and tools to get the job done.

Tri-State Tree Service meets and exceeds all of these standards. Not only are we fully licensed and insured we also have an outstanding safety record. Our reputation has been built over more than 35 years during which we have developed skilled employees and acquired the equipment necessary to handle any job.

For instance, trees often become large and dangerously situated in tight or limited spaces near property because homeowners are reluctant to have them removed. You can trust Tri-State Tree Service to get the job done safely and efficiently. Sometimes a crane is required; in other situations, there is not enough room. That’s where our talented climbers come in, removing the tree from the top down. Safely-sized pieces are cut and lowered to the ground using ropes.

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